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How to install Static Cling Window Film

It’s easy to do static cling window film application, you can do this by yourself.

Before start, you have to prepare below tools:

  1. A spray bottle filled with soap water.
  2. An old credit card or plastic squeegee.
  3. A measuring tape.
  4. An utility knife.
  5. A clean cloth.

NOTICE:Gline window film manufacture above tools kit also.

After getting above tools ready, let’s go to do application step by step:

  1. Measure the window glass size and trim the window film to the approximate 1inch/2.5cm larger than the glass size.
  2. Clean the window throughly, make sure the surface is totally clean without any dirt and dust, and also remember to wipe off the dirt on the window frame as well.(important)
  3. Peel off the clear backing protective film gently.(important)
  4. Spray soap water on both window surface and film(the side just peel off), then apply window film on glass gently.
  5. Use a squeegee or old credit card(wrap with cloth to prevent scratching the film), carefully smooth over the film from the centre outwards. This will remove excess solution and allow the film to make full contact with the glass. If the film moves out of position, just place your hands flat on the film and gently slid it back again.
  6. Cut off the excessive margin bit slowly, and dry the film surface by using cloth.
  7. If there is air bubble appears after step 6, peel off that part, then back to step 4, and do next step by step.
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