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Static Cling Vs Self Adhesive Window Film

Nowadays, there are 2 windows film selling in the market, one is static cling, another is self adhesive, each can be used to decorative window. When and why you would choose one over the other is application dependent. Here’s a little information to use as a reference when selecting your best window film:

Static Cling Window Film:

This window film is without any adhesive, “Static cling” doesn’t actually use static electricity to adhere to the surface, this decorative window film works due to the highly smooth plastic surface “cling “ to another smooth surface like glass, by press on window film, the middle part between window film and smooth glass is vacuum, that’s why window film can catch well on glass.


  • Static cling window film not contain any adhesive, no need worry any chemical release.
  • Generally thicker material,from 180 micron to 240 micron, easy to do application.
  • Can be easy applied and removed by personal, suitable for someone who prefer to do DIY decoration for windows.
  • Variety designs, fashion patterns for picking.
  • Generally cost lower than adhesive window tinting,
  • Can be easy repositionable.


  • Static cling window film is only available to use indoor.
  • Limited to use on smooth surface, like glass, window.
  • Can not be used on car windows

Self Adhesive Window Film:

This window film use pressure sensitive adhesives that bond to the surface, which makes them more versatile.


  • Can cover on variety surface,no matter it’s smooth or rough surface, not limited in window only.
  • Have a better bond than static cling to all surfaces.
  • Can be applied on both indoor and outdoor.


  • More difficult to handle due to thinner material, which is from 50 micron to 80 micron, easy to “stick to itself”.
  • Potentially less repositionable than static cling window film.
  • Potentially bad smell or chemical release from adhesive.
  • It’s hard to remove film from window after long time, most of time, it will leave glue on window, this probably drive consumers crazy to clean this.
  • Cannot be reused once removed

There are pluses and minuses on both products. It’s important to understand what’s the differences and what application is when choosing a film.Being able to answer below questions may help you make the right choice:

  • What surface you want to apply to?
  • Who will do this application?
  • How long you need put this film on?

When in doubt, please contact us to help you make the right choice.

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