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Factory Directly Sell

We are a factory base company ,all our window film produced in our own factory and ship from factory warehouse directly, welcome to visit our factory anytime.

Professional Consult Service

We have been doing window film for 10 years, working with lot of customers all from the world, we are not only reply questions, we know better how to guide new customers to get the best they need.

OEM Available

We have 10 years experience to do OEM order which always with custom packaging. We know how to work with customers who selling at Amazon and provide custom service, welcome to send us your own requirements.

Free Internal Inspection

We have Internal Inspection System for all finished order, sales will make inspection report with photos or video sending customers for confirmation, we will never ship order until getting approval.

DDP Shipment

Our shipping agents have full experience to do Door to Door shipment for customers who doing online business at Amazon, Ebay, Shopify or other retail stores, you don’t have to do custom and pay duty by yourself, all leave for us.

Accept Trial Order

We know most customers prefer to buy small order to test the market at beginning, we are happy to do trial order to help them start, and we treasure all opportunities no matter big or small order.

Our Happy Clients

Laura A.

From Amazon

"I love this product. I put it in my kid's rooms. I plan on buying more for my classroom. It creates fun rainbow patterns all over the room it is in. I would suggest using it sparingly in a room with a lot of light because the rainbows may be a bit much. It was really easy to put on the windows. There is a film on the back of the sheet that makes it seem foggy. It is hard to pull apart at first, like opening a produce bag at the grocery store. After it is removed you can really see how iridescent the film is."


"Really easy to install just spray a little soapy water a with a credit card squish it flat and remove the water. Don’t spray too much. My window measures 35x23 inch i was able to do one whole window and a few top squares which measured 12x11. Also got one square on my other window which as you can see is enough to project rainbow lighting. Really beautiful film also gives privacy !"

Aracely Duran

From Amazon

Michelle T.

From Amazon

"This privacy film is amazing. My apartment is basically on street level and I have a wide patio door so you can basically see my whole apartment at night. The privacy film really helps me feel more secure at home. The design is amazing too, the pattern of light refracted through the design is beautiful. When I move it’ll be just as easy as pulling it off the windows to remove it. It only took some measuring and cutting to size to install the film on my windows. I originally only bought it for the small window that didn’t have any blinds but I had enough for my patio. I loved the pattern so much that I bought more for my big bedroom window as well."

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