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We should say thanks for Window Film

Most time, we’re thankful for our health, family, friends, country, but here i want say thank you for window film.

Why?… I’m glad you asked.

Besides that window film is my business, there are several other reasons why i say thank you for window film, i think you should be too.

Save Your Energy Cost

Gline window film is not only block the glare, but also reject a lot of heat that comes from the sun’s rays. Imagine during the hot summer, the sun go through windows, makes your room hot as stove, you have to turn on A/C to cool down, the energy cost always go high in this situation, if putting window film, a lot of heat was blocked, obviously temperature will be lower than before,it can cut down your energy cost.

No More Dog Barking

Do you realize it’s noisy that your lovely Dog always barking when your neighbors or any strangers go through your window or door? Then you want to cover your window by just pulling your window curtain,your dog stop barking, but it makes your room dark during daytime, you can’t enjoy any sunlight.

Actually,if you know window film, and use this, you will find it’s easy to cover window to block the glare, then to stop dog barking, at same time, you can enjoy the necessary sunlight.

Well Protect Your Skin

Most people know UV rays can damage and age your skin,some will develop to skin cancer, so you can understand why someone want to only come out at night.

A lot of people think that it’s safe for their skin health if they’re sitting behind glass. That’s not true, glass can’t block UV rays effectively. Fortunately, Gline window film have lot of window film which can block more than 99% UV rays, highly protect your skin health.

Transfer Your Poor Window into Modern Looking

Most people know how to decorative wall, floor, desk, cabinet, but less know decorative window glass, Gline window film helps people do window decorative easily, a lot of Gline window film have modern and fashion designs which is suitable for USA and Euro market.

Can you imagine that by putting window film can create rainbow?Gline window film can make this come true.

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